Austrian partner (VondiConsulting):
VondiConsulting is specialised in project management and event management (find more on
Bulgarian partner (European Bridges Association):
European Bridges Association is a non-profit organization that promotes cultural integration and professional development and is active in realization of international cultural integrity and in supporting personal growth by providing consulting, seminars and training according to the principles of lifelong learning.

European Bridges Association supports integration of cultural and educational projects in regional, national and international structures and programs. We make analysis of the current state of the cultural and educational needs in different target groups and develop innovative concepts, and provide corresponding consulting services and training to them in order to lower the risk of facing cultural barriers or social isolation.
French partner (Elephantmusik):
The Elephant Musik association aims at the creation and promotion of alternative music from traditional rhythms and remixed world music.
Elephant Musik is born from the cooperation of a drummer-percussionist and an accordionist.
Their particularly festive duo has already been heard in the four corners of France.
Their musical offer is a journey into folk and regional French music.
These old tunes are often the result of a true international melting pot. Thus we hear the Celtic heritage in the gavotte from Brittany, the Portuguese heritage in the Landes Rondos, the Italian immigration in the Parisian musette waltzes, This musical fusion and intrinsic historical folk repertoire French (from all over the country) is revealed in the work of Elephant Musik: music both universal and typically French.
German partner (GFWH):
The Association for Promoting Advanced Vocational Training in Crafts and Skilled Trades (Gesellschaft zur Foerderung der Weiterbildung im Handwerk, GFWH GmbH) acts as service unit of the seven Chambers of Crafts and Skilled Trades in Northrhine-Westfalia an their umbrella Organisation, the West German Chamber of Crafts and Skilled Trades Council. The GFWH GmbH supports the organization of Crafts and Skilled Trades and their members, small and medium sized enterprizes, on the field of project management, organization and IT.
Spanish partner (I.E.S. Reyes Católicos):
The I.E.S. Reyes Católicos is a big State High School with more than 1200 students and 90 teachers. It is located in Vélez-Málaga, the capital of the Axarquía in the province of Málaga, in the Spanish autonomous community of Andalusia. It is the most important city in the comarca. Vélez-Málaga is the headquarters of the Commonwealth of Municipalities of Costa del Sol-Axarquía. The municipality forms part of the Costa del Sol region.
Turkish partner (Kültür Sanat Eğitim Akademi Derneği):
Kültür Sanat Eğitim Akademi Derneği ( KSEAD )

Culture Art Education Academy Association is an independent non-profit NGO based in Adana which is in the south of Turkey aiming at strengthening cultural communication, cooperation and exchange at local national and international levels for raising cultural awareness and development of the society. The profiles of members are generally shows a big variety . Members begin from at the age of 7 to 70. Among them;there are students, children,teachers, jobless, housewifes and any people who want to improve their skills. There are lots of activities in our organization such as, marbling art, painting, language, music, saz, photograph and ceramic courses, we also organise cultural trips aroud our province. We cooperate very frequently with local authorities and non-governmental organizations such as vocational education Centre which propagate culture art and education.